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You can see this in our circumcision videos on youtube or on our website.

In respect to circumcision

Painless circumcision

In our clinic we conduct circumcisions under local anestetic. We don’t conduct circumcision under general anestetic. Only the area of the penis is put under local anestetic. Our aim is to provide your child whit a painless and tearless circumcision that he look on back in the future whit happy memeorize .

In order to accomplish  this:

1-To ensure that no pain is felt before the injection is made local anestetic cream is applied to that area of the penis. On top of the cream a covering is applied to prevent any seepage of the cream from reaching the child’s nappy or underwear and than they wait for approximately(about) an hour. İn this way, due to the cream either very little or no pain is felt.

You can see this in our circumcision videos on youtube or on our website.Circumcision

2-After the penis has had the anestetic injection no pains will be felt during the circumcision. İf the mother can put the child to sleep for ten minutes, the child may have their circumcision conducted while the child is naturally a sleep.

3-In our clinics circumcisions are done estheticcally. After the foreskin has been removed, any bleeding is stopped. The edges of the cut are sutured. The circumcision comes to an end whit the application of a dressing. During the course of this process the child feels absolutely no pain

4-Whit in 12 to 24 hours after the circumcision the incised area heals

For that reason the child can be as mobile as they would like; they can have a bath, swimming, lie on their front and sit on their mother’s lap. Before the circumcision, the child behaves exactly as it is treated.

Circumcision FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)

1-At what age should a child be circumcised?

Should there be any medical reason there is no age at which a circumcision can not be done. Should there not be a medical reason circumcision is generally considered best done the ages of 0 to 2 years or after the age of five. İt’s generally not considered to have a circumcision done during the ages of 3 to 5 years old because the child is going through boyhood known as the fsllic period.

The Eu in 2014 passed a low making the foreskin an organ of the body ; resulting in parents not having the right to remove it. only the child upon reaching the age of majority may make that decision.

In judaism every male child is circumcised at precisely 7 days old. For thousands of years,millions of jews have been circumcised on their seventh day after birth.

In the usa it is recommended for circumcision to be done at birth; if the mother so request the prosedure is immediately carried out (done).the level of circumcision in the usa is 74 percent.

Even among these different legal and societal frameworks no complucations regarding age have been long as circumcisions are conducted in a medically appropriate manner there is no difference in respect to the possible complications that can occur. The younger the age at which circumcision is performed the better. Due to younger children having faster metabolism they heal more quickly and psychologically they are less effected.

2-Local or general anestetic

General anestetic for the surgeon is of course much easier. The patient is prepared and redy so surgeon conduct the circumcision and leaves. but for the patient this can lead to certain complications.

The complications are:

a-The child should not have eaten in the last 6 hours before the circumcision.

b-For the anestetic a blood test is requared. For some children this can be a very difficult and painful process.

c-For many children being taken from their mother to the operating room can cause them to become very distresd and cry. Entering an unknown an environment, filled with people they don’t know and because of the colt environment of the operating theatre can cause certain psychological distruption.

d-Another issue is that to give the anestetic the child either has to have a needl inserted for the anestetic serum to be given to them or they will have the more preferable choise of using a gas mask. Using the mask, anestetic gas is givenuntil the child looses consciousness.

e-Eventhough very small,general anestetic can lead unforeseen complications even up to death.

IN OUR CLINIC without seperating the child from their mother (the mother can breastfeed,rock the child on their knees etc.) once asleep the circumcision can be performd should the child awaken or be upset for ten minutes an oral relaxant can be given and the circumcision take place.In this manner % 95-97 percent of children are children are easily able to have their circumcision conducted under local rather than general anestetic.

3-How should the circumcision cutting be done?

In the past the clasical methods for conduction a circumcision were with instruments such as knif,razer,blade or even scissors.However new laparoscopic surgery or robotıc surgery is conducted using modern and suitable instruments a 0,5 cm hole can be made to access the brain, heart and vascular structure and also organs in order to cut, stop bleeding or to stich. The instruments used all around the world to conduct brain,heart and vasculer cutting and to stop bleeding a suitable for use in circumcisions.Below you can find original articles about this subject circumcision using bipolar diathermy scissors a simlpe,safe and acceptable new technique.(2000 May Ann R Coll Surg Engl)

A number of universities and reserch hospitals in Turkey have published findings regarding thermocautery,electrocautery and using bipolar scissors.These technigues ensure that circumcision is easier, takes less time and has a much reduced potential for complications.

In conclusion,circumcisions along with operationson any other part of body that are conducted with suitable electric instruments and those that can heal??? the appropriate area cutting can be done, bleeding can be stopped and stiches inserted. These enstruments and thecnics have been used around the world to conduct millions of operations and so are safe to use; they are stil in use today.

In consultations with the parents and in considerations of the childs’ stade,we use our experience to advice which tecnique should be used for the circumcision; in most case our recommendation is bipolardiathermic scissors.

4-Using a dressing after circumcision

Using a dressing after circumcision is not necessery.

5-After the circumcision when should bathing be done?

On the day of the circumcision bathing can be done at any time.The child can also go in the sea.

6-After circumcision should movement be restricted?

After circumcision no restriction on movement are required. Child can lie down any way they want and move around.The child can be held and put bad exactly the same way as before.

Op.Dr.Muzafferr Zorlu
Children’s Surgery


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